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  BC Big Bud

BC Big Bud is an Indica dominant hybrid strain, delivers cerebral highs to make users feel a sense of elation. However, it is not a strain that should be consumed by those on a busy schedule as its tendency to bring out the laziness in people is one of its most notable characteristics.

Sleepiness and intense hunger (dubbed ‘the munchies’) are among the effects of smoking, vaping or eating Big Bud.

For medicinal users, Big Bud may be useful in reducing feelings of anxiety in those suffering from conditions such as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GSD). Sufferers of chronic pain may find a reprieve during a Big Bud high which relaxes muscles and bodily tension.

    BC Weed Strain

Our BC Big Bud has been stabilized and vastly improved these past decades. It’s a low to medium height plant that’s very stinky but in a good way. She smells very fruity, including Mango’s, Oranges with even a hint of Lemon Lime. And tastes fantastic, creating return customers. Her high is a perfect mellow Sativa, not too racy with a happy glow and body buzz that always brings a smile to the group and good conversation

British Columbia Strain

Commercial growers’ first strain choice is for maximum profits. So the seeds must be reasonably priced but also offer a potent lovely tasting strain that will have repeat customers. Because it’s grown on such a large scale, it needs to be able to sell. And to sell large quantities, it has to be good, real good. And that’s exactly what BC Big Bud is!! She’s the traditional pungent skunk but BC Big Bud packs more flavor with a soft, smooth smoke that delivers it all for happy growers and happy customers.

BC Bud Strain

The Sativa-Dominant hybrid BC Big Bud produces buds that smell of sweet citrus and freshly churned earth with undertones of berries and skunk. They’re large (thus its name) and mint green in color with a thick resinous layer of trichomes.

THC levels average between 12-16% making this strain a great choice for novice consumers. Its high is known to help alleviate both pain and nausea, relaxing the muscles from head to toe and with some, increasing appetite. This strain is best consumed at night as it will induce slight laziness and helps relieve consumers of insomnia.

Negative side-effects include anxiousness, paranoia, and dizziness when consuming higher doses, along with dry mouth and eyes which are normal.

BC Bud

BC Big Bud is a hybrid strain straight out of British Columbia. It’s usually classified as a Sativa dominant strain with around a 65:35 ratio of Sativa to India. However, BC Big Bud is a strain that can really give you the best of both worlds, and after the stimulating Sativa effects wear off you’ll get a deep sense of relaxation and euphoria.

It’s a relative to the popular Big Bud- one of the best strains to come out of Amsterdam. However, with its unique mix of effects and earthy taste, this is an incredible and distinct strain in its own right. So what are the effects and benefits and how does it taste? Here’s our strain review of BC Big Bud.

Effects of BC Big Bud Strain

BC Big Bud has moderate levels of THC, usually ranging at around 12-16%. It’s a hybrid strain that leans around 65% towards Sativa, however, users report feeling the Indica effects just as strongly. As such, you’ll get a fantastic high with both Sativa and Indica effects.

When you smoke or vape BC Big Bud, it’ll hit you fast. You’ll instantly be taken into intense euphoria. Your mood will be uplifted, you’ll feel more motivated and energetic, and any stress or tension will quickly be taken away. The head high is particularly enjoyable, making you more creative, giggly, and social. Your senses will be heightened and all kinds of activities will seem more novel and fun.

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