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King Tut Strain

King Tut is a Sativa-dominant hybrid and an offspring of AK-47, coming incredibly high level of THC. Firstly, some batches test upwards of 29% of THC, so the strain is not for newbies. Then in the right hands, though it can bring power and enjoy compare with the rich (like King Tut’s tomb) profile of medical benefits.

Currently, King Tut is one of the highest strains with a high THC level and paired with its Sativa-driven nature. Then,  you can expect its effects to be mind-focus.

Meanwhile, the initial headrush is full of euphoria and positive energy. Currently alleviating stress and anxiety in no time and it’s an instant transformation of your mood.

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Secondly, this strain is pretty legendary in connoisseur circles and it comes from the breeders at pyramid seeds. Recently, it is one of the favorite Strain seen on the west coast and the organic strain has a distinct sour skunky smell. Meanwhile, the buds on this beauty are just massive, perfectly lime.

Green and caked in crystals & have a reputation for having the highest THC content for a Sativa usually coming in at 25% range.

Recently, We tested ours and it came back at 24.5%. This version we have our hands on is some of the best you’ll find on the west coast, due to our organic growing methods it is incredibly smooth and flavourful. This is definitely top-tier cannabis.

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Next, King Tut cannabis strain gives strong cerebral effects that are very social, energizing, and creative, ideal for daytime. It can cause red eyes and a dry mouth.

Thirdly, This strain is definitely a king. With a THC content averaging between 25% and 30%, it can help treat depression chronic pain, nausea, stress, and inflammation.

Now, The aroma is sour and skunky, while the taste of flowers with fresh fruits. The effects are strong and cerebral. Afterward, this strain is recommended for daytime use.

Though these strains are not dangerous Before they do have several unfavorable reactions. During such reactions, patch mouth and dry eyes are a given. Furthermore, do not forget that the overconsumption of King Tut weed can be dangerous.

Finally, If the state of euphoria is a bit too much for a person to handle, the chances are that he/she will feel a bit anxious or paranoid. Therefore, if you think that you would not be able to handle such a high, do consider cutting down your doses of this strain or shifting to a different strain.





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